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Bruce Jenner A Woman?

by Tony In The Morning posted Feb 12 2014 10:58AM

Alright, I know this is a weird story, even for the Kardashian/Jenner's!

Bruce was photographed last week, after having surgery on his Adam's apple..

& then Monday, Bruce was photographed with his new-"look". Here's the weird-part. There are multiple reports that Bruce....................wants to be a woman...

What do you think is going on with Bruce?

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People : Bruce Jenner
02/12/2014 11:04AM
Bruce Jenner A Woman?
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02/05/2015 6:01AM
Bebe jolie
02/06/2015 5:25PM
so what
So what
02/06/2015 5:26PM
love it today
I think it's great he can be that strong of a person to do what he wants to do
02/06/2015 5:27PM
I wish my old lady look that good
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