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Cheeseburgers & Tacos

by Tony In The Morning posted Nov 13 2013 12:35PM

My wife is an exercise & diet FREAK. She eats things like kale & beets & boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Just as shocking..she claims to LIKE it?!

When she is preparing dinner the whole house smells (like healthy food cooking--YUCK!).

Me? I like cheeseburgers & tacos & chili & spaghetti.

Now my wife used to make (help) me eat healthy. But, after years of complaining & puking-noises (by me), she threw in the towel.

About a year ago, she started making two dinners. Her healthy one & my yummy one.

& what's weird is that she makes GREAT cheeseburgers & tacos & chili & spaghetti. I mean BETTER than I'd find in a restaurant.

So she, is a contradiction & I, am well-fed.

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11/13/2013 12:41PM
Cheeseburgers & Tacos
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11/13/2013 1:57PM
Nuts n Twigs
I'm gonna side with your amazing wifey on this one.. Lol.. My boys used to say "all you eat is nuts n twigs".. LOVE IT... Don't get me wrong, I'll splurge every once in a pink moon, but, my body shows it the minute it is in my mouth.. So nuts n twigs I remain eating... My boyfriend is well-fed just like you..
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