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by Tony In The Morning posted Nov 26 2013 1:06PM

All the college kids, including one of mine, are returning to Bakersfield this week for Thanksgiving.

My youngest, Colleen, is back from the University of Arizona.

When she/they come home, my wife & I want to take them to all their favorite places. For Colleen that's Akira's Japanese Restaurant, Jake's Tex-Mex & Dewar's.

We're heading to lunch at Akira's today and we'll be having dinner at Jake's (followed by desert at Dewar's).

Kids who grow up in Bakersfield can't wait to get OUT. My kids are no different. But, I can see, when we visit their favorite places, how important this city is to them.

Welcome back students!

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by Tony In The Morning posted Nov 25 2013 11:01AM

I swear. EVERY time I go to see one of my favorite sports teams play, THEY LOSE..

Usually, they LOSE BIG..

Sunday, I flew to Phoenix to meet my boy JD & see my-Indianapolis Colts play the Phoenix Cardinals.

I caught the 6:30am (YAWN) flight out of Meadows Field. Fly in to Phoenix (where I have to wait in the airport for two-hours for JD to arrive from Tucson). When JD finally arrives, he's hung-over (from the University of Arizona-Oregon game the day before). We go to the game and the Colts LOSE BY 30.

They were NEVER in the game.

& it doesn't matter what sport, or which team, when I see them play live, they LOSE.

I had the BEST time yesterday.

I CAN'T wait to do something like that with JD again!

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by Tony In The Morning posted Nov 21 2013 1:38PM

I have two-daughters & I LOVE movies where girl's KICK-BUTT.

Jennifer Lawrence KICKS-BUTT in "The Hunger Games-Catching Fire", which opens Friday.

I enjoyed the first film & discovered Jennifer Lawrence. Her character is pretty bad-ass (& she's a good archer).

My youngest daughter, Colleen, read the book and didn't enjoy the movie as much as I did.

But, like I said, I like movies with tough girls.

I've always taught my daughters to be tough & they are! It's a hard-world out there and can be especially-hard for women. I've tried to prepare my girls.

I'm proud of them.

And, I'm looking forward to watching Katniss kick some more butt!

by Tony In The Morning posted Nov 20 2013 12:47PM

Do you think we're EVER going to get rain?

We have a 30% chance today, a 50% chance tomorrow & a 30% on Friday.

I think it rained a litte overnight?

When I first moved here, someone told me that it ALWAYS rains in Bakersfield by Halloween. We've had TWO rainy days (so far?) this autumn. It WASN'T really "rain". It SPIT a few raindrops each time, doing little more than creating brown spots on EVERY vehicle in town. (I wish I owned Cruz-Thru Car Wash!).

I saw something the other day that we have received a little more than 3-INCHES of rain over the PAST YEAR?!

The growers need it & WE need it. We like rain!

I hope you dance!

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by Tony In The Morning posted Nov 19 2013 10:08AM

Each year, Oxford Dictionaries recognizes the Word of the Year. And for 2013 it's--------------"selfie"!

Definition-a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically with a smart phone or web cam and uploaded to a social media website.

According to Oxford's editors, use of the word has increased by 17,000%(!) since 2012!

Do you post selfies?

I posted one of my favorites!

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by Tony In The Morning posted Nov 18 2013 11:03AM

A Volvo commercial featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme. He does the SPLITS on MOVING TRUCKS!

by Tony In The Morning posted Nov 18 2013 10:56AM

I'm pretty excited! I'm going to Phoenix Sunday to see the Indianapolis Colts play the Cardinals! &, I'm taking my boy, JD!

The Colts are my favorite team & JD has never been to an NFL game. He lives in Phoenix now & is a tobacco salesman (I call him the "Merchant of Death").

He has the world by the tail. 22-years-old, with a good-job, living with a buddy, has a cute girlfriend (pictured). Life is GOOD!

& being nine-hours away, I don't get to see him as often as I'd like.It's weird. When they're growing-up, you're around them 24/7. Then, they go off to college. And get a job. And while they no longer live at home, you think about them EVERY day.

Dads have been taking sons to ballgames for generations.

I can't wait to see my Colts (& Andrew Luck) play this weekend.

& I really can't wait to go with my boy!

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by Tony In The Morning posted Nov 15 2013 11:39AM

Sorry. I'm still finding my way here.

If you're a long-time resident of Bako, you will laugh until you cry.


I'd love your feedback on this. I think it is HI-larious!

by Tony In The Morning posted Nov 14 2013 9:02AM

This is the funniest thing I've seen in a LOOOOOONG time. If you're a long-time resident of Bako, you will really be tickled.

I've watched this three-or-four times and it literally brings tears to my eyes.


by Tony In The Morning posted Nov 13 2013 12:35PM

My wife is an exercise & diet FREAK. She eats things like kale & beets & boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Just as shocking..she claims to LIKE it?!

When she is preparing dinner the whole house smells (like healthy food cooking--YUCK!).

Me? I like cheeseburgers & tacos & chili & spaghetti.

Now my wife used to make (help) me eat healthy. But, after years of complaining & puking-noises (by me), she threw in the towel.

About a year ago, she started making two dinners. Her healthy one & my yummy one.

& what's weird is that she makes GREAT cheeseburgers & tacos & chili & spaghetti. I mean BETTER than I'd find in a restaurant.

So she, is a contradiction & I, am well-fed.

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