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by Tony In The Morning posted Dec 31 2013 11:10AM

This beagle will be riding on a float with eight other shelter dogs during the 125th Rose Parade tomorrow.

His name is Daniel.

In October, 2011, Daniel was scheduled to be put down. He was placed, along with 17 other dogs, in a stainless-steel box about the size of a pickup bed. The box was filled with carbon monoxide.

Workers at the facility opened the door and Daniel emerged, scared but unscathed.

They named him after the biblical figure who survived the lion's den.

Do you watch the Rose Parade?

I do. I've even been a couple of times (thanks to my in-laws).

Happy New Year!

by Tony In The Morning posted Dec 30 2013 11:08AM

I've trained a couple of puppies in my life.

It's HARD work! Mostly, the house training. You have to watch them EVERY second.

My 20-year-old nephews gave my 10-and-12-year-old nieces a puppy for Christmas. A German Shepherd puppy. My brother-&-sister in law FREAKED. They didn't want a puppy.

So, my wife and I were convinced to take the puppy.

Now, she's either pooping, or peeing, or farting. Our house smells like a kennel.

& I always heard that it take a year, to housetrain a dog. :(

Got any tips?

Her name is Sofie (& she IS cute!)..

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by Tony In The Morning posted Dec 30 2013 9:59AM

Britney Spears kicked-off her two-year residency at Planet Hollywood's "Axis" Theater Friday night.

It's a 90-minute show featuring 24 of her biggest hits, choreographed dancing with lots of cool Vegas flair!

"Britney: Piece of Me" will run for 98 shows through 2015.

I would DEFINITELY pay to see this show!


Here's some rough video from opening night of "Toxic". The audio isn't very good. Sorry.

Britney's family was in the audience for opening night and so was Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus & Selena Gomez.

Goooooo Brit!

by Tony In The Morning posted Dec 23 2013 10:45AM

I love saying that!

It's taken a while, but I'm finally "in the spirit"!

I hung the Christmas lights last weekend, I shopped, the kids are home from college & out of town, we're going to a movie today and the Brian Setzer "Christmas Rocks" concert at the Fox Theater.

Christmas eve, we'll shop for some stocking-stuffers, go to church and have some dinner and holiday cheer.

I hope you're where you want to be, and with, who you want to be with!

Merry Christmas!


by Tony In The Morning posted Dec 20 2013 11:05AM

This is WAAAAY cool! Two local schools, Bakersfield High and Bakersfield Christian are playing for state football championships tonight! They'll both play on the same field in Carson, the Eagles at 4:00pm and the Drillers at 8:00pm.

It's the first-time since the state playoffis began that a Bako school plays for a title.

Both games will be broadcast live on Brighthouse-channel 11.

Additionally, in another WAAAAY cool football story, two Bakersfield quarterback's will face-off in the Las Vegas Bowl. Centennial-grad Cody Kessler vs. BCHS-alum Derek Carr as USC plays Fresno St.

Not bad for our little oil patch!

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by Tony In The Morning posted Dec 19 2013 10:01AM

So, this happened in Louisville, KY this week...

Admittedly, it'sa pretty good proposal. But, how do you top that the rest of your marriage. You've set the bar TOO HIGH!

What's the most-creative proposal you've heard of?

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by Tony In The Morning posted Dec 18 2013 12:13PM

Two people will split the second-biggest lottery payout in U.S. history, $636,000,000!

One winner lives in Georgia and the other in San Jose (buy a ticket? close but no cigar!).

Are you a regular lottery player or do you only buy tickets when there's a big jackpot?

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by Tony In The Morning posted Dec 17 2013 10:10AM

The Voice wraps up season-five tonight. The final three contestants performed last night. The votes are in. The results will be announced during tonight's "live" episode. Lady Gaga, One Republic and Celine Dion will all perform.

When it comes to The Voice, does it really matter who wins?

The judges are the stars of The Voice.

Do you watch The Voice? Who's going to win?

American Idol returns in January, with an overhauled judging panel. Idol has lost more than half it's audience over the past couple of years, while The Voice continues to get solid ratings.

Do you still watch Idol?

by Tony In The Morning posted Dec 16 2013 9:57AM

After too many weeks of procrastination, I hung our Christmas lights yesterday. I hang a couple of strands from the eaves and I use all the "old" lights (from years-past, strands that are half-lit) on the shrubs out front.

I was having a hard time getting motivated to hang the lights. All three kids are out of the house and I used to do it for them. Not quite-Griswold, but lots of lights and even inflatibles!

It's a chore & I usually hurt myself in some way, but I got it DONE!

The kids will be coming home for Christmas break this week. They'll enjoy them!

And what a weird tradition. Decorating the outside of our homes. I told my wife, "we should hang our lights on the inside, so we can enjoy them". She chuckled and ignored me.

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